Complex Systems across Disciplines

From atoms and molecules to biology, engineering, economics, social systems and organizations

Interconnectedness of Broadway Musicals in 1895, Brian UzziScientific breakthroughs frequently happen at the edges of established discipline-based knowledge; ideas originating in one field often find successful applications in other fields, sometimes leading to revolutionary conceptual changes. This conference brings leaders in the field of complex systems - foundations, networks, agent based models, etc. - to catalyze discussion and to facilitate transfer of knowledge across the traditional boundaries. The topics are relevant to a wide array of disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, all branches of engineering, economics, sociology, and management and decision sciences.

Conference Organizers

Julio M. Ottino
Julio M. Ottino
Robert R. McCormick Institute Professor and Walter P. Murphy Professor of Chemical Engineering, Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Daniel Diermeier
Daniel Diermeier
IBM Distinguished Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice, Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences (MEDS); Director, Center for Business, Government, and Society, Kellogg School of Management

Conference Speakers

Robert Axelrod Robert Axelrod
Arthur W. Bromage Distinguished University Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan
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Albert-László Barabási Albert-László Barabási
Hofman Professor, Theoretical Physics, University of Notre Dame
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Leo P. Kadanoff Leo P. Kadanoff
John D. MacArthur Distinguished Professor of Physics and Mathematics, University of Chicago
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Stuart Kauffman Stuart Kauffman
Bios Group LP, External Professor, Santa Fe Institute
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Scott Page Scott Page
Professor of Economics, University of Michigan; External Faculty, The Santa Fe Institute
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Gene Stanley Gene Stanley
University Professor, Department of Physics, Boston University
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David Stark David Stark
Arthur Lehman Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Columbia University, and External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute
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Brian Uzzi Brian Uzzi
Associate Professor of Management & Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
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George Whitesides George Whitesides
Mallinckrodt Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University
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Complex Systems Group, Northwestern University

Conference Information
Complex Systems at Northwestern
Complex Systems in the News
We're All on the Grid Together (pdf), The New York Times, August 16, 2003
First Cells, Then Species, Now the Web (pdf), The New York Times, December 26, 2000
Complex Systems Papers
Scale-Free Networks (pdf), Scientific American, May 2003
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Socio-Economic Review Cover, 2003The Organization of Responsiveness: Innovation and Recovery in the Trading Rooms of Lower Manhattan (pdf), Socio-Economic Review, 2003
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New Scientist Cover, April 13, 2002 All the World's a Net (pdf), New Scientist, April 13, 2002
The Physics of the Trading Floor (pdf), Nature, January 3, 2002
Working Papers
Complex Systems and Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical and Biological Engineers (pdf), Elsevier Science, September 17, 2003
Pathways of Property Transformation: Enterprise Network Careers in Hungary, 1988-2000 (pdf), SFI Working Papers