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David Stark David Stark
Arthur Lehman Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Columbia University, and External Faculty, Santa Fe Institute

Recombinant Properties for Uncertain Environments

Complexity, in social processes, is the interweaving of diverse evaluative principles. Society is not a social order but a multiplicity of social orderings with multiple temporalities. This lecture explores processes of distributed intelligence and the organization of diversity with special reference to cases of recovery, including the reconstruction of the Hungarian economy after 1989 and the recovery of Lower Manhattan after September 11th.


The Organization of Responsiveness: Innovation and Recovery in the Trading Rooms of Lower Manhattan (pdf), Socio-Economic Review, 2003
Heterarchy: Distributing Authority and Organizing Diversity (pdf), The Biology of Business
Pathways of Property Transformation: Enterprise Network Careers in Hungary, 1988-2000 (pdf), SFI Working Papers